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Lockstep Inbox, built for accounting teams, connects your email and accounting system – and your team!  

Whether you’re a team of one or ten, Lockstep Inbox makes it faster and easier to work with customers and vendors, and it’s free..

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What is


Lockstep Inbox creates an online workspace so there’s one place for your accounting team to work together, manage shared activities, and directly connect with customers and vendors. Inbox vastly improves efficiency, while integrating directly with your existing accounting system.

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Designed with Love by Accounting Professionals for Accounting Professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,  Lockstep Inbox is 100% free. We will never charge you or ask for a credit card for you to access Lockstep Inbox. 

Yes, Lockstep Inbox is certified as SOC II compliant which means your data is safe.  Our solutions are used by hundreds of companies to be absolutely accurate. 

This is a personalized walkthrough to learn, set up and connect your emails (AR and AP) and ERP into the Lockstep Inbox workspace. 

About Award-Winning Lockstep

Award-winning Lockstep® connects the world’s accounting teams to help them work better together. The pioneer in Connected Accounting, Lockstep develops tools and platforms for fintech developers and accounting teams to automate workflows between the accounting systems that are at the heart of all businesses. Visit for more information. 

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